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Preschool Programs

We Love Kids!

Great Scot the Magic Dude has several programs designed for the preschool audience. These include magic shows just for fun, Magic Shows with a Message, and Learn Magic programs where the kids learn simple magic combined with art and games.

Magic Shows for Fun!

As this says, we will perform a 25-30 minute magic show full of laughs, music and fun.  There is lots of audience interaction!  All the kids get to participate and have a great time. They will be laughing and having fun watching and joining in on the magic, listening to the fun music be totally engaged!

This is a perfect opportunity to do something fun for your preschoolers.  These shows are great for end of year parties, or any time you want to reward the kids with a good time!

All kids get a a fun coloring page and another little fun gift to take home!

Magic with a Message!

These shows teach  valuable lessons. We have several shows available including:

Recycling, Dental Health, Anti Bullying and Reading is Magic!

Customize your show!

We can also design a show for any theme you would like. Let us know what your monthly theme is and we will create a customized show around that theme.

These shows are great because the kids have so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning!

All Kids also recieve a fun coloring page and a small fun gift to take home!

Holiday Shows

We create special themed shows for most holidays, including Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, Independance Day, Easter, Thanksgiving and more!

This is a great way to treat your kids to a fun, exciting time around the holidays!

Learn Magic!

This is part of our Magic Explorers program. We have several Magic Adventure Packs (MAPs).

MAPS  include puzzles, jokes and a picture search game, along with a simple magic trick that the kids can color before learning how to do the magic trick.

Learning the trick is fun too. Depending on the trick supplied, there could be songs, games or contests involved.

The kids get to keep their MAPs so they can take them home and impress their parents!

About Us

Great Scot the Magic Dude started his interest in magic at the age of 8 and has been hooked ever since. He performed for friends and family for many years before deciding to become a professional magician in 1991. Since then, he has performed THOUSANDS of shows, specializing in magic for children and families. Scot is also a retired teacher and understands how young minds work, allowing him to really connect with kids and make their magical experience even more magical. He is particularly interested in Preschool aged children and wants to be a positive influence in their lives.