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Great Scot Products

Ultimate Magic Kit

A great kit to get them started in magic. Not your standard beginners kit, These are some quality tricks that will fool everyone!


Rising Magic Wand

A magical wand that does 6 tricks! It rises magically from your hand or can shoot into the air!


Magic Bag of Tricks

Imcludes 3 Magic Tricks and a book with over 50 more! These tricks are easy to do! cut a pencil in pieces, make a toothpick magically float in the air… and more



Two Card Monte

A classic magic card trick that will baffle your spectators. 2 cards switch places under your control!



Great Scot’s Magic Fun Book

80 pages filled with puzzles, games, jokes, magic tricks and more. Guaranteed to keep you entertained for a long time!



Goodie Bags

DOn’t stress out over what to give your party guests. These goodie bags are filled with items that kids go crazy for! 10 items in a cellophane bag ready to be handed out at a great price!

$5.00 each

(quantity discounts)  (10-24 – $4.75 each)  (25+ – $4.50 each)